Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to save a life in honor of our precious LionHeart!

May 25th from 10am-2pm at Sacred Heart Church/School in Palm Desert!

Appointment scheduling information attached!

If you are unable to attend locally please WEAR RED on May 25th! Tell everyone you know about CHDs and Childhood Cancer! DONATE IN YOUR TOWN AND SEND US PICTURES!

Visit http://www.redcross.org to find a donor location in your area.



Our Unexpected Blessing

10254008_690050067725862_406937011180057086_nMany of you have been asking about our precious Brody… Yesterday we had an incredible appointment. In fact, it was the best appointment we’ve had since I was 6 weeks pregnant with Owen. It’s been a long road for our family and yesterday was the reason we don’t give up! Our baby boy is HEALTHY! He’s perfect on all charts and our incredible Dr’s smile was solid proof of all of this! We have had so much support from everyone and we want to thank you. It’s been hard for us to celebrate and believe that this boy is going to come into this world healthy and without complications. While we still don’t know for sure, as things can always happen, doubt was the furthest thing from our mind yesterday! We miss Owen will every passing moment and ache that he is not here to celebrate and grow with his brother. We know that our time here is short and the 3 of us, plus Jax, will be living together with Owen in eternity before we know it! For now, we find peace and full hearts that our second son, Brody is healthy and will be in our arms in just 16 weeks!!! Thank you for celebrating these milestones. While to some of you it seems routine and waaaay too long, to this heart family, not having an ultrasound or check up for another 6 weeks is music to our ears!!!

Save the Date


Owen’s FIRST birthday is just 45 days away and it’s FINALLY time to tell you all about the celebration!

Join us MAY 25th in Palm Desert and give the GIFT OF LIFE by donating blood in honor of our precious Owen. If you are unable to join us we will have links to donation centers in your area. …

Blood Donation appointment scheduling and more details to follow!

We can’t wait to celebrate our precious son and save lives in his honor!