We are proud of our heart family

20131220-075444.jpgWe had so much fun last night shopping for the LionHeart Owen holiday book drive. Literally Healing Library contacted us yesterday and told us it was time to cash in on all the gift cards they received through the drive and make our numbers grow! I’m a strong believer in retail therapy so I jumped at the opportunity. We had a great time and put some serious thought into putting all those generous gift cards to use. We had $920 to spend and purchased 101 new books for the kiddos at CHLA!!! Thank you for all of your generous book donations and gift cards. We have raised 1,710 books. If each books averages $6.00 we have raised $10,260 for the library!!!!! Wow! That is incredible! I am PROUD of our heart family and I KNOW Owen is proud of all of us too! He’s doing the happy dance in heaven as I type this!

There is still time to purchase books for the kids. Because of the energy, incredible response and excitement we have received we will be extending the book drive through New Years Eve! Please share the link, purchase a book, and always pray for the super hero’s at CHLA fighting their battles every day!!!

Click here to spread joy this holiday season


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