OC Walk to Remember Photos

Thank you for all of your support in the OC Walk to Remember. What an incredibly BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL day! The OC Walk to Remember gave us a space to celebrate Owen and support other families who lost a life too soon! It was a morning of immense love, numerous tears and nonstop celebration! Owen was definitely there too! There was wind like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought 100 pinwheels! I think he was trying to help and make sure that they all blew!! Oh Owen!!!!
Below is an article about the walk and Owen, Leo and I made it in the paper again (It was in print in the Sunday paper too)! This kid just wants to make sure EVERYONE knows him. Thank you again for your support, sharing his story, and loving our family! Here are a few photos of this very special day! ENJOY!
IMG_8606 IMG_8626 IMG_8609IMG_8631 IMG_8607  IMG_8625  IMG_8628 IMG_8629  IMG_8634 IMG_8635 IMG_8637

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