Adventures of Lucky Leo and LionHeart Owen

There are many adventures and “plans” we had for our lil’ family. We know the holidays will be very hard as we have many “firsts” in our life without Owen. We do not want to miss an opportunity to celebrate him though and will continue to do those things for Owen. We decided to take his best buddy Leo for the adventures that he won’t take here on earth! Enjoy!!!

IMG_8610Leo Hanging out in his dollhouse…. Mansion!

IMG_8611Leo’s first Ponyride!

IMG_8613His first quad ride on his lucky number… 5!

IMG_8614Leo on a John Deere

IMG_8615Uh oh… Someone is stuck in the cornmaze

IMG_8616you are my sunshine

IMG_8617Leo and Owen in the pumpkin patch

IMG_8618We miss you, Owen

IMG_8620Looking for the BEST one

IMG_8621We found em’

IMG_8623Oh no!! The sheriff got him!


A wonderful day at the pumpkin patch… Everything was perfect except missing our boy!!!


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