One Month is Bitter Sweet

20130803-103223.jpgI woke up today with a bitter sweet feeling in my heart. Today is one month without Owen. Today at 5:05pm our son has been gone from this world for an entire month. One month ago today our son ended his fight against Truncus Arteriosus, TAPVR, Pulmonary Vein Stenosis, and Neuroblastoma and was cradled in the arms of Jesus.. Safely Home… Finally Well!

I envision our son with no tubes, no scars, no IV lines, in his lil’ monster outfit, out in the open air, giggling, dancing with Jesus, and surrounded by so many other laughing children. I can hear Jesus telling him, “Owen, I can’t hear what you’re saying with that dinasour paci in your mouth!” and Owen removing it before responding with, “I love it here and thank you for healing me. It’s so fun to dance outside and the air smells sooooo good! I can’t wait for my Mommy and Daddy to be here but I am glad that I get to be with you until then.” There is a peace that surpasses all other emotions knowing God’s promise that we will be with him again someday; that we will be with all of our loved ones in the most beautiful place. Today I feel strong and today I feel empowered that while a month has gone by… It’s one day closer until our baby is in our arms again. We are charging forward and making the best of our time here. We will find JOY in every moment. We will keep our EYES OPEN to the special little gifts Owen and Jesus place for us each day to remind us that he is here and he is well. We will FIGHT for the families and the babies that are fighting against CHDs. We will be GRATEFUL for the beautiful hearts that God has placed all around us to soothe ours souls when we are hurting.  And we will CELEBRATE a life taken too soon but a life well lived!

At 5:05pm today please tip a glass to Owen and light a candle in his memory. Thank you for your LOVE and support of our LionHeart Owen!


One thought on “One Month is Bitter Sweet

  1. Dear Jeff and Alissa, 5:05. Has become our favorite part of the day. Such a great time to restate the blessings of the day. I try to remember that when it is the darkest outside you can see more stars. Owen is in so many of those stars. Well, you know my motto, no matter what have a sunshiny day! I will bring lots of sunshine for everybody tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you both. Love you, Janie

    No Matter What Have A Sunshiny Day !


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