4 weeks without Owen

It’s been 4 weeks since Owen gained his angel wings. I thought it would get easier and have been trying to blog about Life Without Owen but, the truth is I can’t find some deep philosophical words that will convince everyone that it is ok because the truth is it just plain sucks! I have focused this whole time on being positive and upbeat and it was a lot easier when we had him here physically. He was our reward throughout the day for the fight… Our physical proof that the fight was worth it. Now we sit weary, fighting for a cause that can’t bring our son back, but fighting like hell so other babies and their families are not asked to fight as hard as we did and continue to. Here is a video I made to honor our son… Thanks for sticking by our side. Eventually it will get easier because each day is one day closer to being with him.

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3 thoughts on “4 weeks without Owen

  1. I cried for you the whole time and then I hugged my children tighter than usual tonight. Thank you for that gift. I know it came at a unbearable price for you. Praying God heals your broken heart and restores your hope and joy.

  2. We will read and listen to every post. Keep writing – you aren’t alone. Your honesty is a blessing. Some days it is all just too much…

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