Important Information for the OC Walk to Remember

walkingWe are so excited to walk with Team LionHeart Owen at the OC Walk to Remember on October 5th, 2013. We are humbled by the support that has been shown to our little family. Our team of 72 LionHeart warriors along with an estimated 3,500 other people will be walking to honor and remember the lives of babies that were sent home as angels way too soon!

Here are some important details for the walk

Schedule of Events
6:00 a.m.-8: a.m: Registration check-in, support information available – There will be a tremendous amount of people trying to check-in. Please try to get to the walk no later than 7:45am
7:00 am-8:00am: LionHeart Owen t-shirts will be distributed at the LionHeart Owen Booth #6.
8:15: Remembrance Ceremony: Each baby’s name will be read & parents receive a white rose
9:00: 5K Walk (half-route available). We walk the steps our babies will never take
9:30: Celebration of Angels: A time to celebrate the babies we love and miss. Be sure to stay after and enjoy the party!

If you purchased a LionHeart Owen t-shirt we will be distributing them on Saturday before the walk at Booth #6 between 7:00am and 8:00am. We will not have a place to store them for you during the walk so please come early and be prepared to store them in your car or a backpack. We want to make sure that all of our team members are accounted for and receive their shirts, if purchased! If you are not listed below, please email and we will be sure to have you added to the list. We will not have t-shirts available for sale at the walk. We apologize for this however, they are always available for purchase on our website at

Team LionHeart Owen Particpants

Michelle Abdelnour

Tommy Bach Jennifer Baker Tiffany Begin
Max Begin Jason Bonanno Chris Cagle Jill Cagle
Nichole Cappitelli Heather Claborn Jennifer Conklin Janie Downer
Bryan Downer Renee Evans Jimmy Farnham Cristen Farnham
Parker Farnham Devyn Farnham Ilana Feldman Ann Forella
John Hadley Agnes Hadley Mark Hughes Elise Hughes
Jack Hughes Tristina Johnston Joy Karns Marvin  Karns
Melissa Keyes Jodi Kostelecky Jason Kostelecky Nicole Lopez
Kara MacDonald Tiffany Mansfield Jordan Mansfield Brian Mansfield
“Great” Baba Murtha Scot Obler Heather Potter Alyson Potter
Alexis Potter Bryan Potter Karina Rico Santiago Rico
Valerie Rico Ann Marie Ruelas Annika Ruelas Kyle Sessions
Amelya D’Alba Maryiam Sessions Eric Sessions Shelley Spies
Kerry Stapp Kristy Stapp Clare Stewart StaciAnn Thompson
Ryan Vatter Shelley Vatter Alissa Vatter Jeff Vatter
Emily Vatter Steve Vatter Lindsey Vatter Sandy Vicory
Chris Wagner Emily Wagner Grace Wagner Lisa Wikert
Joe Williams Kate Williams Jake Williams

Elaina Worthe


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