A Letter from Owen

20130902-225744.jpgFor those of you unable to attend Owen’s Celebration of Life, here is the letter that he “asked” us to share…

Hey everybody Stinky cheese man here,

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to my party. I want you to know that I feel much …better now. I am no longer in pain, I don’t even have to think when I need to breathe AND all of my scars disappeared. It’s so cool! There were so many people excited to see me when I got to heaven. A lot of people that call themselves my great grandparents keep bickering over who gets to hold me first and all I want to do is dance! I met Bonnie within the first few moments of arriving and she told me that she will keep me company and play fetch until I get to meet my furry brother Jaxon. I miss all of you a lot but know that you will all be joining me in paradise very soon. Please do not cry a lot for me. Remember how much fun we had and how fun life can be if you just let it. I love you heart family and will be in your hearts any time you are looking for me.

Love you!

Baby O


2 thoughts on “A Letter from Owen

  1. I love you Owen, and I always will. There is so much wisdom in your sweet face. You make me feel like I can be a better person. Stay with us, Owen. We need you! Bobbie

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