We will never forget…

20130911-082820.jpgOne week ago today our son gained his angel wings and was taken from this earth too soon. Twelve years ago today nearly 3,000 lives were cut short and since then thousands of souls have gained their wings serving our country. Whether the terrorists have been diseases of the body or diseases of the mind through war, too many stories have ended early in tragedy. We celebrate these souls today and ask that we all draw awareness to terrible diseases like congenital heart defects and childhood cancer and we beg of you to search your healthy hearts for sunshine and joy and put an end to terrorism. This life we have been gifted here on earth is just a blip. Live it well. Live it joyfully. Live it with endless love.


2 thoughts on “We will never forget…

  1. I Admire you and your husband so much! I have read all of your entries and have cried, smiled, laughed along with you. You and your family are in my prayers always, and I will continue to share Owens story. I too have had my sons in the NICU and although it wasn’t for CHD it was still tough and scary knowing that my babies couldn’t go home with me when I wanted them to. But God had a plan with my children as he did with your son. I wish I coud be a part of his Celebration of Life on Saturday, but I live in Massachusetts. I hope all goes well and that it will be a beautiful moment for you and your family. May God Bless You Both and know that you have a person in MA praying for you and a spot in my heart!

  2. This is so precious; your story has affected me beyond words. I work in the nicu as a RN and I have been following your amazing blog, may God bless you and your husband at this time and give you strength. Little Owen may have been here a short time but the BEAUTFUL amazing little boy has effected so many people. I know you will forever be protected because you have a blessed angel watching over you🙏 may God bless you and your family. Peggy Spano

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