Childlike Faith

girl_silhouetteI can’t believe it has been 4 days since Owen went home to be with Jesus. My heart continues to break and I know it will take time to heal. I feel Owen all around me and I feel your prayers of strength and comfort for my husband and I. This is the hardest journey we have ever been on and I know ever will be. Words fail me when I try to explain what the loss of a child feels like. I do not feel that it should be explained because no one should feel this pain. However, with the pain God gives us glimpses of hope in the form of his children. He reminds us to have child like faith and forget the why me’s, how comes, and what did I do’s.

There have been so many people supporting us along the way. Our heart family ranges from newborns to our grandmas in their late 80’s. All age groups are crying out to the Lord for prayers of healing, comfort, and continued faith. God is using his children to heal and soothe our hearts. Tonight we sat down with some of Owen’s friends who are 5 and 7 years old, we thanked them for all of their prayers for Owen. We had to explain to them that God heard their prayers and that Owen is home. We had to teach them that God always answers our prayers but sometimes not in the way we had hoped. God took Owen home to Heaven and we will get to see him again someday very soon but we won’t get to play with him in his room with his toys. We told them that our sweet baby was no longer sick and that he is no longer in pain AND all of his scars are gone. They couldn’t believe that God could even take away his scars. We told them that we really needed prayers because we missed him so much and our hearts hurt. We told them that God had a HUGE party for Owen when he arrived in Heaven and on Saturday we were going to have a huge party here so we could all celebrate that he was not in pain anymore too! We never knew that in telling the girls about Owen going to Heaven we would hear the message so loudly ourselves. As hard as it is we know that our precious son is no longer hurting, no longer in pain, and no longer fighting. We know that he is healed and in the loving arms of Jesus and above all we WILL see him again.

I’d like to leave you with a beautiful tribute to Owen from his cousins. God’s tiny angels are all around us in the forms of children to help soothe our souls. We look forward to celebrating his life with all of you on Saturday.



2 thoughts on “Childlike Faith

  1. Your words are so touching and faith-filled. I am in awe of God’s comfort, strength and grace shining through you. Prayers continually coming your way.

  2. Owen’s
    The first time I look at his HEART, he still was in you wom. Then I had the honor to be the first person scaning his heart, and to that many more times. I believe that for what I do every day, my life is amazingly bless. Owen’s fight every day for his life and I was part of that fight. In his short life, he left me with many lessons, and the most important is to fight in live for good, in to the end. The first day he smile, I did his echo and he smile at me. I for ever will stay with that smile in my heart. Owen’s will allways be in my heart, and his parents can allways count on me. Good will bring many more blessings in to you beautifull family. Irina Alfonso-Hidalgo

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