Owen’s Legacy

20130823-225324.jpgWhile our hearts are breaking, they are overflowing with the love and joy that our precious son gave us each and every day. In 16 short weeks he taught us more about love, strength, courage, bravery, and faith than we would ever learn in our entire lifetime. Though he only went outside one time, he shined brighter than the sun from his small room at CHLA. Owen fought congenital heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, and the many other obstacles that were thrown his way like a mighty lion. His smile and love was seen even in his deepest pain. He lived every day that he was given on this earth and he lived it well! He taught us to never take one breath for granted, find joy in everything, always be positive, and never let your sunshine fade.

Owen LOVED music. He loved working with his music therapist and even more loved it when his Mommy and Daddy would sing to him. One of his favorite songs was You are my Sunshine.

You ARE my Sunshine
My ONLY Sunshine
You make me HAPPY when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear how much I LOVE YOU

Owen gained the most beautiful set of angel wings on September 4, 2013. He is no longer here on earth but his sunshine will forever be in our hearts and we will NOT let anyone take our sunshine away. We are working on establishing the Lionheart Owen Foundation to honor our precious son. We would like to glorify and continue Owen’s legacy, raise awareness to congenital heart defects and childhood cancer, and give back a little sunshine to those families facing similar difficulties. It will take some time to get the foundation established and we look forward to growing it with all of you.

Many of you have asked how you can support our family. At this time we ask that you continue to pray for our family as we grieve the loss of our precious lion heart and that you change your Facebook photo to your favorite photo of Owen and when people ask who that gorgeous baby is tell them about our brave little boy’s story. If you would like to support us monetarily and help establish Lionheart Owen Foundation, a Memorial Fund has been set up at the following bank in Owen’s name:

Mail or send funds electronically to:
Bank of America
Payable to: Alissa Vatter
Account #: 001824069860
Routing #: 121000358
78400 Highway 111
La Quinta, CA 92253
Reference: Lion Heart Owen Foundation

God bless you all and thank you again for your support. We would be honored to have ALL of you join us to celebrate Owen’s life on Saturday September 14th. Details as follows:

Owen Thomas Vatter Celebration of Life
September 14th, 2013 @ 11:00am
Southwest Church
77701 Fred Waring Dr
Indian Wells, CA 92210
Reception to Follow


One thought on “Owen’s Legacy

  1. I have had the opportunity to talk to so many people about Owen in the last couple of days. The one question that I am asked is how God could do this to a child, or if He truly loved all of us, how could he do this to his parents? Like Allissa and Jeff, my husband and I rely on the Lord to get us through the losses, heartaches, inconsolable sorrow, and disappointments; and He also allows us to feel the gains, the love, the joy and the pride we have with our family and friends, most importantly when our children show us the love, compassion, strength and courage we always dream that they will carry in their souls.

    I have the honor to be able to read Owen’s Journey, as his second cousin and fall in love with him day by day. I am honored to be in the same loving and strong family as the Vatter family.

    Today in reading Owen’s Legacy, Alissa was able to put so graciously the words I was struggling to say to all my friends and acquaintances , and everyone else who would listen to me brag about our newest member of the Vatter family.

    I know that the Lord allowed us to come to this world to gain a body, to learn and to teach. Alissa, you and Jeff expressed how Owen taught you about love, strength, courage, bravery and faith. I have always said to my newly married friends that they really have no comprehension of what love really is until they have a child. This ultimate love is shared between you and Jeff and is indescribable, Owen was able to show you this love, as were you able to teach him in return what love is from his earthly parents.

    I can’t help to believe that Owen was able to teach you in 16 short weeks what it would have taken most a much longer time to educate their parents. Owen has been able to serve the Lord in every aspect that was asked of him in the itsy bitsy time he was here. He was able to teach thousands of us, the world over, the virtues that we may have been resisting: love, strength, compassion, courage, bravery and faith.

    I would like to remind all of us that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER and we will once again have the privilege to join him in the same family unit that we have now…parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so forth, even second cousins. Next time it will be for all eternity…what hope and joy he brought to me.

    Love and blessings,


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