September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

20130901-193429.jpgOur lil’ lion heart has been very busy today trying to figure out how to get that darned tape off of his nose! He had a great day relaxing with us, getting his feeds, and playing with everyone that comes in the room. He has been dealing with gas and when I say gas I mean a lot of it! Some people call it colic. Whatever you call it, it’s painful to watch and just downright mean! Please pray he can find some tummy comfort.

Owen wanted to make everyone aware of a very special event that is very near and dear to our hearts. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Please help us to spread awareness and fund research to get us one step closer to a cure! Owen is fighting cancer along with the 13,000 other children that are diagnosed with cancer each year! Stand with us, share Owen’s story, and help get the word out on not only congenital heart defects but childhood cancer as well!


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