We Did It!

we did itJaxon and Leo have a little message to share with you…. That’s right it says that Owen has the BEST heart family and we just placed an order for 201 shirts! I typed the order with tears in my eyes overwhelmed by the support we have received. Thank you for loving us so much and not letting our sunshine fade! We are so happy God chose your for our heart family! Together we are going to do some incredible things. Look out CHDs the Lionheart Owen warriors are a force to be reckoned with!!!

If you have ordered a shirt and will be at the race on Saturday, we will be hand delivering the shirt to you there. If not, we will be shipping them out to you. Owen has a little surprise with each order and he hopes that you like it! If you have not ordered a tshirt and would like to, they will always be available at www.lionheartowen.com/donate. Any orders received today forward will be shipped at a later date and you will receive an email when your t-shirt is ready to ship.

Wishing you all a very blessed Monday!


Last day to sign up online

WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you Heart Family! Together we have sold 160 t-shirts and there will be 56 walkers joining us on Team Lionheart Owen at the OC Walk to Remember on October 5th!

I would love to answer some questions that we have been receiving:

The OC Walk to Remember is NOT a Lionheart Owen fundraiser. The OC Walk to Remember is a nonprofit organization that supports parents who have lost a baby in pregnancy or infancy. The mission of the OC Walk to Remember is to raise money for local organizations that support parents who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or infant loss of any kind, as well as be a resource center for parents, doctors, nurses, hospitals, support groups, and anyone in need of support or information. We have signed up as a team to walk in honor of Owen and support this AMAZING organization.

The proceeds from the t-shirt sales for Lionheart Owen do go directly to the establishment of the Lionheart Owen Foundation.

If you would like to support us with your time please join us for the OC Walk to Remember. If you would like to support Lionheart Owen financially, purchase a Lionheart Owen t-shirt.

Today is the last day to sign up online for the OC WALK TO REMEMBER. Please visit our website under the events section to sign up.

Today is the last day to order your t-shirts to have them delivered at the race or mailed out by October 5th. Any orders received after today will have a delay and you will be notified by email of their ship date.

When ordering a Lionheart Owen t-shirt, visit http://www.lionheartowen.com/donate. The purchases can be made through Paypal or with your credit card. If you have used your name, credit card, or address with Paypal before and are trying to use just your credit card you will run into some problems and Paypal will request that you sign in. This is a Paypal issue that we are unable to get around. I apologize for the inconvenience. Once you order your shirt quantity you will be brought to the “review order screen” under your address in this screen you need to click on “additional notes to seller” please type your size and color here. If you submit prior to this information you can email us at lionheartowen@gmail.com with the information.

Phew!!! Sorry about all the admin stuff. You can always private message us here and we can try to answer you in a timely manner. I want to thank everyone for your beautiful private messages and stories of hope and encouragement. We have read all of them and I PROMISE to write you back soon!! We love you!!!

Stinky Cheese Man Here

stinky cheese manHi Heart Family,
I know its been a while and I’m pretty sure that I miss you just as much as you miss me! I’ve been really busy playing, dancing, and meeting lots of new people. But, I try to check in with everybody atleast once a day. There are so many other kids my size up here that are showing me around and helping me when I miss being down there with my Mommy and Daddy. Weston and Gracie were… the first one’s to show me around. They’re so nice just like their mommies and daddies.
Well, I can’t chat long cuz’ I’m in the middle of playing a really fun game. It’s just like peek-a-boo but lasts a lot longer. When you cover your eyes your friends hide and you gotta go find em’. Weston always hides in the butterfly field and whenever I find him they go flying all over the place! I just wanted to say thank you. Mommy’s been really sad today but you guys are such show offs you really made her smile. I just peeked over her shoulder and saw on her computer that there are gonna be 118 friends wearing Lionheart Owen t-shirts soon and 51 people walking for me! You guys are the best! Thanks for making Mommy and Daddy smile with all your love and support!
Uh oh.. Grace just found me hiding in the pinwheels. I gotta go. They say I’m “it”. I keep telling them I’m still Owen but they keep finding me and saying “you’re it”. Silly babies!!!
Love you guys!
Xoxo Stinky Cheese Man

Almost to our goal!

tshirt instagramHeart Family… You make our hearts HAPPY!!! We woke up this morning to 43 walkers and 94 shirts sold! We are so close to our weekend goal! Just 7 more walkers and 6 more shirts to go! Will you be the one to make it!?!?! Please continue to share our story and draw awareness to Congenital heart defects!

To sign up for the walk  please visit the events page or to purchase a t-shirt visit the donate page.

Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Saturday!

Lionheart Owen T-shirts for SALE now!

We are so excited to release the Lionheart Owen Foundation T-shirts. Go Public with your love for Owen and help spread awareness of the number one birth defect in America – Congenital Heart Defects! Wear your support by purchasing your t-shirt TODAY.

There are two colors available. Sizes range from CHILD Sm-Lg and ADULT UNISEX Sm-XXL. Please specify your size(s) and color(s) in the “additional information” at checkout.

If you are walking with Team Lionheart Owen at the OC Walk to Remember on October 5th and would like to wear a Lionheart Owen t-shirt, your t-shirt order MUST be submitted no later than  Sunday, September 29, 2013. We will hand deliver the t-shirt(s) to you at the walk. All other t-shirt(s) orders will be mailed on Monday, October 7, 2013.

Thank you for your support!

lionheart drk front lionheart drk back

lionhear wht frontlionheart wht front



20130709-123024.jpgONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO SIGN UP ONLINE! Sign up to join the Lion Heart Owen Team and walk the steps our lil’ Lionheart will never take on earth! OC Walk to Remember in Tustin, CA on October 5th honors all infants and babies who gained their angel wings too soon! There are currently thirty people on our team! Together we can make it 50! Please write your names below if you have already signed up!


A Mommy’s Heart To Her Son

photo17For those of you that were unable to attend Owen’s Celebration of Life I wanted to share my letter to him with you…

My precious son, Mama’s Boy, my ferocious lion heart, my gentle sweet bobo’s, my lil’ trouble maker, the Mighty Warrior Romeo, the nurses boyfriend, my #1 boyfriend, Baby Olen, Jaxon’s lil’ Brudda, our complicated little bugger, our lil’ tough guy O-Dawg, my tiny peanut, my sweet baby, Baby O, my world, my everything, and my precious deep love love.

Owen, from the second I learned that God chose you for our family my heart overflowed. I prayed for you every day and loved every moment of you being in my belly. From day one you stirred things up! I mean come on since when did I eat that much steak and potatoes and really, sour patch kids?! The day you were born I was a rush of emotions. I was scared to death but man you would not allow fear. There were so many people rushing around the operating room yet there was a peace and stillness when you arrived. In that moment I felt a love surrounding us that I never knew was possible. We waited to hear your cry but as always you had other plans. I didn’t get to see you in that moment my sweet boy but know my heart and my soul were so full of you and will always be full of you. I did everything I could to get to you. The day I finally got to meet you was one of the happiest days of my life. You were covered in so many things but all I saw was your precious face. The wires and tubes were invisible to me. I made a vow that day to never leave your side.

20130916-200833.jpgThe early days in the ICU, I would sit and rub your forehead for hours. Those days are some of my first favorite memories. I will always remember the moment your daddy told me to give you your first kiss. You were so sick and I was so scared but in that precious kiss between us we both felt life. Your Daddy and I were so excited to see you quickly begin to recover and I knew that there was a force to be reckoned with between this Mama, Dada and their son. I never stopped kissing you!!!

Your motto was slow and steady and I am so thankful for that. We got to spend every milestone with you, cheering you on and celebrating even the smallest victories. With all that you had going on, all the machines that would beep, all of the illnesses that you were fighting you still radiated with a beautiful sense of peace. The hospital is so full of noise and chaos, in your room, by your bed was a silence that calmed every soul.

20130630-170421.jpgIt took 57 days for you to take your first unassisted breath. I will always treasure that moment. The pride we felt for our boy overcoming the biggest machine in the room and the ONE that held me back from holding you 24/7 was so immense. The look on your face was priceless. You looked up at us with a face that said… “See I told ya guys, I got this. When will ya’ll just trust me”! From that moment on, you spent a lot less time in your crib and endless hours in the arms of your Daddy and I. We studied every wrinkle, every place we longed for a little more chubbiness, and every angle of your perfect body. We were told that there was a strong possibility you would not have a voice when you were extubated but oh my did you ever! You had A LOT to say. You are definitely MY son!

There are so many things I will miss about you my sweet boy. Your giggle took my breath away. I could sit and hold your hand for hours listening to your angelic voice tell me all the things you needed to say. I watched you discover yourself and the world around you with such amazement. I loved watching you light up and find new friends on your play mat otherwise known as your “safe zone”, feel the wind, also known as the a/c, blow on your face, and your wonderment on the many transports throughout the hospital was so incredible. You were on your way to get a test yet you found joy in it. You found joy in every breath you took, every visitor you had, every game you played with your dad and every snuggle you received from me. You spread that joy to us every day. Your nurses felt your joy even when you were peeing on them. The doctors felt your joy when you would stump them and they would finally figure out your tricks! The surgeons felt your joy when you would show off in rounds. We vow to never forget that joy, your smile is forever engrained in our minds and our hearts.

June 14 2 (1)Please know we are brokenhearted for ourselves but immensely overjoyed for you because you are free with Jesus in paradise. You are free from tubes, lines, scars, pain, and your hospital crib. Safely home… Finally well.

There is no single way to grieve and we are all missing the joy of Owen’s sweet smile here on earth but I entrust that we will pick right back up where we left off when we have the pleasure of meeting our precious son again in the most beautiful place.

To all the Mothers out there: I beg of you… Hug your babies tighter, breathe in the scent of your babies hair, just take a minute to breathe, nibble their perfect toes, hold their precious tiny hands, kiss your children. Play harder, laugh more, don’t tell your children later. This life is but a blip until we meet again with our heavenly father. Allow them to cook with you and make a mess! Build sand castles and splash in the waves. Jump in the pool and get your hair wet. Play hide and seek. Laugh with no abandon. Read to them and be outdoors with them. See your children through your eyes not through your cell phone. Listen to them, value and respect them, I beg of you do not shame them. The lessons you teach and the words you give them will carry them their whole life. You have the ability to give them wings or stunt their growth. Let your children soar! Motherhood can be tough. It can be boring, tedious and suffocating, but it never lasts for long. The 16 weeks I experienced with Owen was full of challenges and pain and above all an inexplicable joy that I could never put to words and never replicate. It is but a blink. It is an honor and a privilege to be Owen’s Mom. I am thankful for every tear, every smile, and every sad face that was quickly turned upside with a bounce on a ball or a sweet kiss.

20130527-075905.jpg“I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me. No wonder my heart s glad and I rejoice. My body rests in safety. For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your holy one to rot in the grave, You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasure of living with you forever.” (Psalm 16:8-11)

Lion Heart

lionheart lionJust checking in to let you know where we’ve seen Owen this week… While doing some serious deep cleaning and purging, we found this lil’ lion heart shoved behind a bunch of old CDs in a shelf. Why I’ve chosen to save this “Lion Heart” I guess NOW I know! Missing our lil’ boy every minute but love the gifts he’s been surprising us with around every corner! Please share the ways you’ve seen Owen this week… Whether it be the sighting of a pinwheel, his favorite number 5 jumping out at you, or a special moment that he surprised you with in the most beautiful way.

OC Walk to Remember

walk to remember

Hi heart family,

Today I am writing to ask you to SIGN UP and walk the OC Walk to Remember 5k with us on October 5, 2013 in honor of our Lion Heart. You know how much our boy loved 5’s! And a 5k on the 5th!! Sounds like a no brainer to us!

We will be walking as a team and each step will represent a step and milestone that we will be unable to walk with Owen here on earth! Our boy climbed mountains and ran marathons everyday while he was here. We owe it to him! We are working on making t-shirts for our team and will have that information available early next week.

Please click the link below and sign up with “Team Lion Heart Owen“!

We love you and thank you for your support!


Baby O’s Mommy and Daddy


A Word So I Can Say How I Am Feeling

20130918-154026.jpgIt’s been Two Weeks or Fourteen Days or Three Hundred Thirty Six Hours or Twenty Thousand One Hundred Sixty Minutes or One Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand and Six Hundred Seconds since our precious Lion Heart left this earth to be with the King! When you live life a second at a time it feels like eternity. But, when we live life a second at a time we have One Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand and Six Hundred opportunities to see Owen all around us. I have seen him in the most magical places that I would otherwise have missed. Pinwheels in the garden of a destroyed and abandoned home, hearts carved into a second story porch with an address of 505, and the sun in the form of a bright shining O breaking through the trees as it joins me for my morning coffee. He is all around us and we are so thankful to God for allowing us each second to be with him. I yearn for the smell of his hair, the touch of his sweet soft skin and the sound of his voice but find joy and comfort that when this blink of life here on earth is through we have eternity to enjoy each one of those things with him. As my husband says, we are One Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand and Six Hundred Seconds closer to seeing him again!

As I write this, I think of the “cyber vacation” I vowed that I was going on. But let’s face it; I am terrible at going on any type of electronic fasting. While I think it is healthy for everyone to do at some point, I am grieving and I heard when you are grieving you are allowed to do anything you want. Ummm within reason. So, my anything has been to allow myself a short break throughout the day from my cyber fasting to visit with our heart family! I miss you. I miss my son but I miss you too! You have all shared with us every high and every low. You have laughed with us and cried with us. It feels weird not updating you all daily and I miss reading your comments and your joy that comes with each milestone we hit. Life without Owen here on earth is going to be much different. Pictures will be different and our journey will be different. But, I thank you heart family for not giving up on our lil’ family. We have a lot more to offer. Our story has just begun and something tells me that God has some big plans for lil’ our family that we are not going to be able to keep to ourselves.


My brother sent me a song earlier this week that I think is so fitting to describe two weeks without Owen. Please enjoy it! Hope it helps you find a word for what you are feeling too!