20130821-221542.jpgThank you for your patience with us as we receive and process the information from Owen’s recent tests. We will be making some big decisions at a meeting with all of Owen’s doctors on Friday and we ask that you pray for God’s wisdom and guidance. Thank you for riding this ride with us and for your endless support. We will share more as the pieces come together. In the meantime, Owen and I were doing some dancing today for his 14 week birthday and we wanted to show off some of his moves. Visit his Facebook page at to see the video. We love you heart family!


2 thoughts on “FOURTEEN WEEKS

  1. WOW! A mini James Brown!!!! You tell ’em, Little Big Man! Papa’s got a brand new bag!!! (And to those of you too young to know what the heck I’m talking about…..too bad! LOL!). Rock on, Mighty Warrior!!! Have fun!!!

  2. Hi family!
    I saw a post, on Facebook, made by your friend Elise, whom I am also friends with. I read your blogs about your sweet Owen and I can’t help but want to reach out to you. My name is Jessica Lancaster and I recently brought home my baby from CHLA after my twin baby girl was there for 17 weeks. Her name is Faith and her twin sister’s name is Hope. Your story hits home and although you are going through different challenges, my heart feels and understands what it is like to be sleeping in that hospital every day and going through the daily motions of doctors rounding, respitory treatments, waiting on test results all while trying to just provide a normal experience for your baby.

    I actually do remember seeing baby Owen on several occasions. He is so precious. Although I can’t take away the heavy heart you may have, I want you to know you are not alone. My husband and I feel like we know that hospital like the back of our hand. All of the nurses know us, as well. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or if you need someone just to let off some emotions to. Being a NICCU Mommy myself, I truly relate to your every day life.

    This too shall pass. Continue to laugh, play, cry and talk to your little one. I found comfort in dancing around to some music with my baby. Focusing on the beautiful life that is was a much better place for me to be rather than focusing on the life unknown. I too believe in the power of God and your family is heavily in my prayers. From one NICCU family to another, please reach out to me for anything. My husband and and I actually still continue to go to the hospital with follow up visits and small follow up surgeries. I will actually be there in a couple weeks. Please please please know you are not alone and I hope that I can provide some comfort to you in the near future.

    Take care,
    Jessica Lancaster
    The Lancaster Family of 5

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