X-ray expert

20130819-190700.jpgHi Heart Family,

Hope you all have had a great Monday. I love Mondays. Stuff always happens at the hospital on Mondays. There’s a lot of waiting on the weekends but it makes it fun to just hang out and spend time with mommy and daddy.

I have been pretty hungry lately. I can’t remember if mommy told you, I started throwing up on Friday and by Saturday I couldn’t keep anything down. They started me on fluids and I still am not eating cuz they are trying to figure out what’s going on with my belly. I have been losing a lil’ weight and mommy’s sad cuz she says I will feel much better when I am chunky. They decided to do some tests today and I had to go down for an X-ray this morning with contrast. Then they had to come to my room every two hours to take another one. They kept disturbing my naps but I thought the X-ray tech was funny and I would laugh at him when he tried to make me lay straight. I had 7 X-rays in total today! They haven’t told mommy and daddy the results yet but they said they’d tell you as soon as they knew something. Mommy has a theory that the doctors think is interesting. She thinks that my bowels are VERY slow from being on Dilaudid for so long. When I was trying to eat with that weird bottle thing I got TONS of gas. My tummy is so slow I couldn’t get rid of it. Then they wanted me to eat but I had no where for it to go so I threw it up. She asked if they could all talk about the meds that I am currently on and see what can be done about finally getting me off the Dilaudid and getting another med to speed up my tummy. Hopefully they will listen to her. My mommy and daddy are really smart and I think they are right most of the time. But, they still aren’t doctors!

Hope you have a good night and please remember to pray for me. If you could also pray for all the other heart babies out there! We have it pretty rough sometimes and there are a lot of us out there that need lots of prayers!

Love you all! Xoxo Baby O

Ps. My mommy is getting pretty buff and good at typing while bouncing me but I noticed she makes lots of typos… Her editor (my daddy) had to go back to work and isn’t able to double check her oopsies. Thanks for showing her some grace, she says its hard to see the screen when she’s bouncing all the time.



2 thoughts on “X-ray expert

  1. Thanks for letting Daddy come back to work. We missed him sorely! Moms and dads sometimes know better than docs do about what’s good for Lionheart, so don’t discount what they feel to be right.

  2. Owen, I think your mommy is right on the money those dang narcotics will screw up your appetite and bowels. I’ll be praying that can get off of them and withdrawal be easy and quick. Then you’ll see a big dif in the plumbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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