One ML at a Time

20130816-190308.jpgEven Tiny Superheroes need some rest! Owen has been doing well since we came over to CVAcute. He has won over all of his new nurses and respiratory therapists. Mommy has been sleeping at the hospital every night and getting used to having to be “on” at all hours of the day. They weaned Owen’s Dilaudid again yesterday and he’s been struggling a little bit. He is down to receiving it only twice a day and tomorrow we will be weaning him off and only giving him “rescue” doses should he show signs of withdrawal. It’s so close to being done and we can’t wait till he is no longer dependent on it. Watching your 3 month old having heavy narcotic withdrawals is one of the toughest things to do. We will not miss Dilaudid… Owen might, but we will definitely rejoice! As we had expected feeding is a big challenge and takes time. We are taking it a feeding at a time and noticing that Owen is advancing by one ml every day. At this rate he will be at full feeds when he is ready to enter college. All joking aside we would love your prayers in this arena. It is exhausting and can be discouraging. Owen gets frustrated or wants to play instead of “work” for his food. We know he can feel our emotions and it just makes it that much more difficult. Please pray for him as he learns how to feed and becomes free of Dilaudid. This is our last hurdle to get to the “H” word! We can do it!


One thought on “One ML at a Time

  1. Alisa,
    Grandma Betty and I are following each and every post that you create for us. She adores the pictures and looks forward to finding out how Owen each day. She says that there is no doubt that he is a Vatter! Owen looks so much like Jeffrey. Don’t worry, my son Joel looked exactly like his father for the first year or so. I told everyone that if I wasn’t there when Joel was born (yes, I did all the begging to the doctor to please just go get him. :-D…twelve and a half weeks early) I would have sworn that his father cheated on me. 😀 After a year, his face started to mature, and now he has so many characteristics of the Vatter family! Especially his big blue eyes! I am amazed at each picture you send to us how Owen becomes more and more gorgeous each day!
    I would absolutely love it if we could talk. So many things remind me of my experiences 20 years ago with my wonderful baby who beat all the odds! I could never say that I can understand what you are going through, but I can understand the different things that Owen is coping with. Again I would love to have a chance to visit with you. I know you are super busy, but if you had an opportunity to call or email me, I would love to get to know you!
    (Jeffrey’s Cousin)

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