Daddy and Baby O

20130810-153554.jpgNothing sweeter than a father and his son. I loved being able to witness this moment between the two of them. Owen was smiling and talking up a storm to his Daddy. He is feeling much better since his vomiting episode last night. We have decided to transition him slower and for now he will be on breast milk and his old fortifier until his nutritionist comes back next week. We would leave him on that except he can’t take in enough volume to have the proper calories so we need to fortify it with some formula. We know it will be trial and error until we can find the best mix. Owen is free once again and rocking it on room air! I’m so happy to have those lines off of his face and get to see most of his sweet lil nose! We are still working on oral feeds and know that it will take some time. Wishing you all a happy Saturday!


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