A Day for Five

20130808-185525.jpgHi friends! Mr. Owen had another great day! Today was a day for FIVE. He has been weaned to 0.5 liters on his nasal cannula and is tolerating it well. His retractions are very mild and he looks comfortable breathing. He is still doing well with his feeds at 55mls every 3 hours too. It has been 7 weeks since they started treating Owen for the presumed chylothorax so we have started to add fat back into his diet. Typically chylothorax is treated with a low fat diet for 4-6 weeks. Since Owen had a second surgery in the middle of the treatment they decided an extra week of low fat feeds couldn’t hurt. We tried to feed him orally today again and he wasn’t so sure about it. He was only able to take 0.5 mls with the paci-trainer and then fell asleep. We have been asked to work on the paci-trainer therapy twice a day with a goal of 5 mls. We have a ways to go and would appreciate some prayers with this. We have heard from other heart families that the feeding can be the most frustrating part. We are ready for this challenge just like all the others and know Owen will conquer it in his time. Owen did need a blood transfusion today as his white count and hemoglobin were low. We want to thank all the blood donors out there for your selfless contributions. Blood donors have helped save our son’s life on many occasions! Lastly, we completed our first task today on our discharge checklist! We are officially certified in infant CPR! Praying we never have to use it but grateful to know the information! Hope you all have a great night and thank you for your love, support, and sharing our story!


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