A New View

20130805-182405.jpgHi guys, O-Dawg here! I had a day full of highs and lows… My morning started out with way too much excitement. I had a fit and kicked my IV line out of my foot first thing. When Mommy showed up I had no IV access and gave her a lil’ smirk. I was quite proud of myself and thought she’d be happy that I was getting rid of all of my lines. Unfortunately, I got in trouble for my antics and had to get a new IV AND a PICC line! Mommy was really scared when I got my PICC. I was just annoyed and yelled at them until they gave me something that was really cool and I don’t remember much after that. They were able to put in the new PICC line at bedside on the first try. It works great except it caused a bit of congestion and my lil’ foot got huge and purple! Daddy was afraid that it hurt really bad but I assured him that it definitely wasn’t as bad as it looks. The doctor says it should clear up by tomorrow if not, they have to take out the new PICC and try to give me another one. I wish I didn’t always have weird stuff happen to me!

Dr. Tran finally came and visited us this afternoon and told us the best news. My neuroblastoma thingy is still the same size and I don’t have to be checked again for four weeks! We were all so excited and didn’t think the day could get any better.

But then it did… My nurse decided that I needed a change of scenery and let me play on this really cool mat on the floor! I’ve never been on the floor. It was so fun! I talked a lot to Mommy and Daddy and started to laugh today too! Mommy tried to get me on video but I decided I was over it and fell asleep. She’ll have to be quicker with that phone if she wants to catch me.

Please pray for my echo tomorrow. We all get a little nervous when I get my heart checked. Please pray for my lungs too! I am having so much fun being a baby and the oxygen sometimes gets in the way. I love you heart family and I’m so lucky to have friends like you!




One thought on “A New View

  1. hi, carole adams here,little Owen is just too cute, he has the greatest big,look blue eyes, just taking in all the world. the blogs are the best. you should be a writer. my prayers are with you always. have a great day. :>) :>)

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