Tiny Dancer

20130803-103223.jpgThis little rascal (photos taken yesterday) should try out for So You Think You Can Dance! He is GREAT at the cha-cha! He had a good night last night until a 2 hour fit this morning that ultimately was resolved by taking his hat off. I believe we have a slight recipe for disaster here…. Some fluid on his lungs (causing increased work of breathing), weaning narcotics (withdrawal), finding the right feed balance (hungry), finding the right diuretic balance to allow for weight gain, reduced pressure on his lungs, and ease of work on his kidneys, tired from too many changes and adventures too quickly and 12 week old attention seeking behavior! I am also thinking he just wanted his cute CTICU lady nurses back for the weekend… As punishment they gave him an all male staff! He has been weaned to 2 liters on the regular O2 nasal cannula and is back to eating 45cc every 3 hours. We have upped his diuretics and will see what happens there. There is a very fine balance with those. He may need a blood transfusion if he has trouble with his O2 saturations as he is borderline on his hematocrit level. He still has retractions and agitation so keeping an eye on that and will go up on the cannula if needed. Planning to lay low and let him get as much rest as possible today… We are praying this is just a small step back and he will be dancing forward to CVAcute soon! Thanks as always for being there with us.





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