Busy Day for Baby O

whoahWHOAH!!! My Mommy and Daddy are tired and they keep doing silly things! Mom and Dad tried to snuggle on the VERY small window couch “bed” last night cuz’ they thought it would be fun to have our first slumber party in CVAcute! Let’s just say its a little small for the two of them but it was so fun to have us all together. We had a busy morning adjusting to the new place but all in all we couldn’t be happier. I had a big milestone today that most other babies don’t get to brag about. Today was the second time in my whole little life that I got to go a day without an X-ray. I’ll have to have one tomorrow just to make sure that fluid is staying off of my lungs. I don’t think it’s coming back but I know better than to trust fluid. I’m doing really well off of the Propranalol and I had a lil’ chat with my arrhythmias and told them they weren’t welcome back to the party in my heart! Let’s hope they stay away just like the fluid.

I met with my occupational therapist today and she is a little cookoo! She took my pacifier and made milk come out of it! It scared the beejeesus out of me. I gave it a second try and decided that was just too weird and I would have to give it a try another day. For now I am content with 45cc in my NG tube every 3 hours. Mom said that it isn’t gonna last for too long so I should enjoy it while I can.

My nurse practitioner gave me a break today and didn’t wean my Dilaudid. I was very thankful for that and decided to give everyone a treat. I gave them all my first smile! It wasn’t even a fake one when I am trying to poop! It was a real genuine smile. I think my Mom melted when I did it. She is so silly.

I saw my favorite echo tech today too. She came to take pictures of my heart on her echocardiogram and make sure that my second surgery was a success. Dr. Starnes is pretty much a genius so I don’t think that it will say that there is anything wrong. But Mom and Dad still want the results from my Cardiologist.

Dr. Tran, my oncologist, finally got a hold of my nurse practitioner. They decided since I am stable I should get my follow up CT so I am sitting writing this update while my contrast is going. That stuff us so weird. It fills my belly but isn’t good like Mommy’s milk. They also made me send a pee pee sample. I don’t know why they want me to pee in a bag. Babies pee in diapers. These nurses are crazy in Acute but they are just as sweet as my friends in the CTICU. Dr. Tran will be meeting with Mommy and Daddy on Monday to tell them about my CT and my urine results.

20130801-191831.jpgSo, I have some prayer request heart friends. Please pray that I can contain my wiggles and don’t get scared and cry during the CT. I am a little guy to be in such a big space ship. Please pray for the results for Cardiology and Oncology. Also, please pray that I can get the hang of the leaky pacifier. They say if I can figure that out I can start this thing called a bottle. Lastly please pray for the wean on Dilaudid. That stuff is nasty and I really want to live without it. I need to be eating enough to gain weight (preferably on the bottle), be off of IV Dilaudid, and get a clear to go from Cardio and Oncology in order to finally meet my big furry brother Jaxon and see the awesome place they call the “H” word.

Please please please keep praying for my best heart buddy Evan. He had to have a cath today to make sure that his body still loves his new heart!
We love you all so much and hope you have a great night!

4 thoughts on “Busy Day for Baby O

  1. Way to go, Baby O–the Little Lion. We are keeping the prayer wheel spinning. PS: sometimes you just have to close those if blue peepers when Mom n Dad get silly. Hugs.

    Sent from my iPad keyboard; pardon any typos in this message.

  2. Oh, MIGHTY WARRIOR, me thinks you are so amazing that you will probably bypass that weird pacifier and head straight to the sippy cup!!! Those are cool…..LIKE YOU!!!!

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