Post Op Day ONE

20130723-183337.jpgLil’ lion heart is rocking it post op day 1. He just got his chest tubes out and is resting very comfortably. The doctors are all very pleased with how the surgery went and his recovery thus far. I’m having a hard time seeing him with all the tape on his face and a little puffy from the surgery but I know his precious face is still under it all. Looking back at this sweet picture of him from last week and taking it a day at a time! Keep the prayers coming for a quick and pain free recovery!


3 thoughts on “Post Op Day ONE

  1. Hey Alissa. I’m praying for Owen and your family every day. Owen is so strong and of course very handsome that he will overcome all that life has thrown his way. Please stay strong for him. Your in my thoughts every day. Sincerely. Kim (your aunt Linda sister)

  2. This is wonderful NEWS!!!! Im praying every day & will continue!! The Lord is doing wonderful things with this little lion 🙂 when he grows up he’s going to have such a miraculous story to tell! I feel like I’ve known u guys forever lol 😉 Thankyou for letting my husband & I be apart of Owen’s journey! The Lord has lil Owen under his wing through all the hard times & all the good times ❤ we love you guys & stay strong & positive you two are Such wonderful LOVING parents! OXOXOX also praying for Owens siblings :)…. much love God Bless …The Boganwrights<3

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