A Second At A Time

20130720-140744.jpgI can vividly remember being 18 years old and sitting on a picnic bench outside of the portables at the Mariner’s Church campus with Pastor Mike Erre discussing Christianity. He was explaining to me that God loves us and how he gave his only son for me so I could be saved. I looked Mike straight in the eye and debated with him how Christianity was a pyramid scheme that was made up by a group of people to have a reason for their issues. There were levels in the church that the money was given to and the more members you recruited the more money you would collect. Mike was very patient with me and through one 8 ½ by 11 inch piece of paper and one terrible stick finger drawing of Jesus on one side, me on the other and the cross between us; I came to know a God that is so powerful, a creator of all, and a true God of miracles. I felt a weight lifted and saw through new eyes a beautiful world that was created just for me.

Fast forward 13 years and I am now sitting by my son’s hospital crib in the CTICU with a signed surgical consent in my lap for Monday morning’s surgery. I am so thankful for Mike, his patience, and that he was the vessel that opened my eyes to Jesus. My husband and I are surrounded by God’s grace and his protective hands. In the darkest, saddest moments we feel him weep with us. We are in a broken world and we know that Owen’s journey, our journey, has a purpose. My heart aches for the families that are faced with tragedy and do not know God. I ache for those families that cannot see through all of their pain, that God has a plan. I have said it over and over again, Owen has done more in his short few months than any of us could imagine. He has influenced people all over the world to drop to their knees and pray. Some of them to a God they already know and some to a God that they are dying to know is real. I have faith that my God is a God of miracles. That Owen’s journey has only just begun. That Owen is a rarity and has a makeup that is like no one has ever known. I refuse to give up on our son but rather empower him to continue to laugh at the odds in the face and join hands with God and say “Let’s show em’ what we are made of!”

20130720-140756.jpgOwen had a tough night being back on the ventilator. He has been agitated, had some vomiting and was unable to sleep. I can only imagine what it is like to have been free from the ventilator and then waking up from a tough struggle with it back in his mouth. It is such a helpless feeling to not be able to communicate to him that this is what he needs. He has had this difficulty with the breathing tube in the past so we are not concerned that this is a new issue. He is now sedated and is resting very comfortably. The doctors are giving him his feeds and keeping him as comfortable as possible until Monday morning. They want his lungs and heart to be in the most optimal condition for surgery. We are enjoying every second with our son and spending a lot of time praying with him, reading to him, and snuggling with him. We truly understand the meaning of taking every minute at a time. We would like to ask for some privacy over the next few days and will not be posting updates. We will let everyone know how the surgery goes when able to.

Thank you again for being a huge part of our journey. We feel all of your prayers and we have seen them work over the last 9 ½ weeks. Please spend some time on Monday morning thinking about Owen. We ask that you wear red on Monday for our Lion Heart and at 7:00AM (proposed surgery time) let out your best Lion Heart ROAR so he knows we are all rooting for him! May God bless you all has he has blessed us!


6 thoughts on “A Second At A Time

  1. Come on little man….we are all pulling for you…stay strong and know love pouring out for you and your parents from around the world…

  2. Many thoughts and prayers going your way from the eastern state of Massachusetts! God Bless Owen and God Bless your Family. In faith and prayer, Maria Curley (Lisa Wikert’s sister).

  3. Oh Alissa, I have been away and just now have read your update. I am so disheartened, and can only imagine how you and your wonderful husband are feeling, and poor little Owen having to endure so much in his short time here on this beautiful earth. Little Sawyer-Mae is betting on him and so are we all here in Calgary Canada. As is Sawyer-Mae’s journey, Owen’s is going to challenge him at every turn, but they are truly special little beings, and will conquer these odds, I have not doubt, and have already taugh us who have the privilege of being their family soo much in terms of strength and love and determination, Owen’s one determined little boy, and he will be a big source of strength and love to you both for years to come, I BELIEVE! Love to you all and big prayers of strength and healing going out to Owen tonight and tomorrow. God Bless

  4. Been thinking of Owen all weekend from all the way in South Africa. He is a little fighter and I know that God is watching over him all the time. We will be praying for him today and wish you strength during this time. Come big boy! The lions in Africa want to meet you!

  5. Our daughter was diagnosed with cancer last year. We’ve been putting her through intensive treatments, and surgeries to save her life. We too are believers and we have said so many times that we don’t know how unbelivers go through something like this without HOPE, and PEACE that can only be found through FAITH in our great God.

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