Update on Owen

20130718-110128.jpgOur sweet baby boy really struggled last night. His Xray this morning revealed that he has a lot of fluid that reaccumulated in the lungs. They had to intubate him this morning to give him some support. He is resting comfortably and handled the intubation well. We are awaiting a meeting with the doctors and the surgeon to reevaluate the scarring on his heart and try to find the underlying issue for his prolonged respiratory distress. Owen may need to go to cath lab or may require another surgical repair. We are asking for your prayers of healing and strength. We will try to update you as we understand more.


4 thoughts on “Update on Owen

  1. Owen, we are sending healing prayers. We pray this is a little bump in the road. Also sending prayers and love to mommy and daddy, being a mother of a heart child I know the flood of emotions they are having cause they love you so much so I want to send all of you a big hug and for you-all to know you are never alone.


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