20130717-203645.jpgOur lil’ lion heart turned nine weeks today and he needs your prayers. He was trying too hard to show us what a mighty warrior he is and he pushed himself too hard. He started to have some difficulty breathing today and was having dips in his heart rate. At 6pm tonight we were readmitted to the CTICU. Our hearts hurt for him knowing that he was working so hard. We know that the CTICU can give him the support he needs. We got ahead of ourselves and sped up “Owen time”. This is not a step back this is a regroup and a rest for our baby boy. Please pray that he can get the additional support he needs from the high flow nasal cannula and does not have to be reintubated. We’re asking for prayers of comfort as he is also having some difficulty being weaned from the narcotics. Lastly, we ask for prayers for his precious warrior heart. We pray that it is not causing the respiratory distress. We know very little now but will update everyone as we get more information. Thank you for your love and prayers. It means the world to us to know we have all of his cheerleaders by our side.



3 thoughts on “NINE WEEKS

  1. RAH RAH SISS BOOM BAH, OH MIGHTY WARRIOR!!!! Rest for now and then you will REALLY show us all what you’ve got!!!! Didn’t I see an ace hanging out of your sleeve the other day? Use it when the time is right! Love you and praying for you! Carol

  2. Dear Vatter family, I don’t think you have to worry. Prayers will NEVER stop for this little one !!! Thinking and praying for all of you. XO

  3. Praying that Master Owen will get through this incident quickly and on to a full-speed ahead recovery….praying especially for Mama & Daddy at this difficult time.

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