TWO MONTHS -The Fog has Lifted

20130715-151827.jpgToday our sweet son turned 2 months old. I often find myself reflecting on all of the things he has accomplished in his short few months. He survived a MAJOR open heart surgery at one day old, dodged ECMO and dialysis, laughed at a visit to the cath lab, traveled for three cat scans, one bone scan with radioactive contrast, one MIBG scan with radioactive contrast, one MRI, had over 60 x-rays, multiple echocardiograms and ultrasounds, overcome chylo thorax, almost successfully been weaned off of VERY heavy narcotics, rocked taking his first of many unassisted breaths, smiled, loved being dressed and showing off in his first outfit, hated his first bath, survived being picked up by his Daddy for the first time, peed on his Mommy, discovered his hands can touch his face, discovered his nose through very cute crossed eyes, survived many many photo shoots by Mommy, made friends with over 850 people on Facebook, AND brought people in over 22 countries closer to Jesus through his miraculous story of survival. He has seen and SURVIVED more than any of us will endure in a lifetime. Our son is our hero!


On Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 12:52pm a fog was lifted when our son was successfully extubated. The moment Owen took his first full breath, we exhaled too. I had been so afraid of Owen being extubated. I did not want to see him fail and I was not ready for our typical “two steps back”. Owen had been doing incredibly well and I was not ready to rock the boat. However, in true Owen fashion, he showed me that he would succeed at this as well. I never realized how much I took for granted simple things like breathing. Owen has shown me what is truly important and reminded me that everything else is just noise.

The doctors had been telling us that once he is extubated things will really go quickly with his recovery. They weren’t lying! Today Owen celebrated his 2 month birthday with a BANG. 20130715-152000.jpgHe entered the hospital as a very sick preemie and today moved to CV Acute as a healthy newborn. Owen is officially out of the intensive care unit! He is stable. His goals are to comfortably wean off of his narcotics, wean off the last 0.5 liter of oxygen and take feeds by mouth and gain weight. We know he can do it! The doctors and nurses have been using the “H” word a lot lately and we are very cautiously optimistic that it could be soon. We are officially at the last step.

Please pray that Owen continues to soar and that he shows the new nurses in CV Acute just how strong and mighty he is. Pray for us as we adjust to the big changes in CV Acute. Thank you for being with us through all of these milestones!


8 thoughts on “TWO MONTHS -The Fog has Lifted

  1. Dear Vatter Family, we haven’t met yet but I am looking forward to meeting all of you. You are ALL amazing in my book. Owen, keep up the great work. You are an amazing little boy. Praying for all of you

  2. Amazing! He is such a strong boy and I’m sure he gets that from his parents! Continuing to pray for all of you. So happy reading this post. Made my day! 🙂

  3. Way to go Owen!!! Congratulations Momma and Papa!!! Owen is a remarkable little man!!! A true hero and warrior. Praying all continues to go well in his recovery. We love you.

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