Just Breathe

20130711-102209.jpgGood morning everyone! TODAY is the day! Owen will be taking his first unassisted breath ever! For those of you that are just following our journey, Owen entered this world not breathing via emergency csection on May 15, 2013. He did not cry, did not take a breath and was immediately intubated. 57 days later he is still breathing with assistance from the tube that was placed at birth. Jeff and I have never seen his face without a tape mustache and we have never heard him make a sound (except for the occasional cough and snore around a loose cuff around the tube). This is an incredibly emotional day for us. All of the nursing staff, therapists and doctors have been coming by to share their joy for Owen’s extubation! We are scared that Owen may not be successful as he is considered high risk for reintubation. He has proved he is ready and we pray that he is and not just trying to be a tough guy! He will be placed on an INV cannula and weaned from that over time. The INV will deliver positive pressure breaths versus a high flow nasal cannula that just delivers a constant flow of oxygen. We hope that will give him just what he needs to be successful! We were approached with a research study regarding extubation and will be participating in an effort to help other kiddos in the future. The study will measure risks factors associated with swelling in the throat after a breathing tube is removed. It will help doctors figure out how to prevent swelling for kiddos in the future and guide them in treatments that can be beneficial. The extubation will be sometime this afternoon and there is sure to be a huge cheering squad in his room and from all his fans around the globe! Thank you for being with us as we embark on this HUGE milestone for our Lion heart! Please take a deep breath in and out this afternoon in Owen’s honor and pray for success!


7 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. ALL in God’s MIGHTY HANDS!!! Happy breathing little warrior! You are going to LOVE IT! And we all love you! (And…mommy and daddy, you two remember to breathe as well!!!)


  2. Praying, praying and more praying!!! I just know in my heart he can do this! Breathe…Owen…Breathe! In…Out…In…Out!

  3. Will be making lots of deep breaths for your little lion heart…

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