20130710-094415.jpgHappy hump day from our lil’ Lion Heart! He has definitely come over the hump this week and is ready to soar! They are pushing him on CPAP for 12 hours today just to make sure that he can handle it! He is doing a great job at showing them what he’s got! If he can last all day on CPAP then TODAY will be the day! His buddy Evan did an awesome job through his surgery yesterday and was already extubated this morning! One of the first things he did was ask his Mom to come and tell Owen that he needs to be extubated today too! What a great 8 week-aversary that would be for our boys! Please pray that when Owen is extubated he does not have to be reintubated… We are so excited but want to be cautious and as with everything wait till Owen is ready! Thank you so much for all of your love and support! I’m thinking that our Lion Heart just might be ready to ROAR!!!!


4 thoughts on “EIGHT WEEKS

  1. Happy Birthday Owen and I am sending prayers that today the whole hospital will hear your mighty ROAR! So glad to hear that Evan is doing so well. You two will have stories to share for a lifetime. Lots of love and prayers coming to you from us.


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