Pray for Toots

20130706-105515.jpgAlright heart family… Someone’s in trouble! Which one of you prayed for air?!?! Mommy said pray for breathing NOT for air!

Somehow my lil’ belly got very distended and Mommy was worried. They did an X-ray and the GREAT news is my lungs look awesome and are nice and full of air… Bad news is my tummy is also all full of air. They had to stop feeding me this morning and put a tube back in my other nostril to decompress my belly. I hate having extra tubes in. I gave my nurse two big poops and am starting to feel a little better with the pressure easing off of me. I’m going to get some fluids in the meantime and if my belly looks better this afternoon they’ll start feeding me again. Which is really good cuz’ I’m starving! I have been sucking away at my ventilator and using it like a pacifier. Mommy and Daddy are very happy with that because a lot of heart babies lose their sucking reflex from not being able to take feeds by mouth. They’re also gonna give me a break at my sprints today. I’m happy cuz’ I burn lots of calories when I do those workouts. So I guess I’ll just ask that you pray for farts! This is one time Mommy can’t say “Owen you’re such a boy and stinky with all that farting!” I’m gonna take advantage of it! Have a happy Saturday!



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