Party Pooper

20130705-162213.jpgHey party people! There was a party for rounds this morning cuz’ I’m so awesome! I’ve been doing so great and everyone is really proud of me! They’re having me do my breathing workouts for two hours three times today and they’re going to wean my narcotics a little today too. I’m gonna try hard to not get too crabby! During my second workout today my Pa and Nan visited me and brought me a present from my Vermont Auntie Lynn.
I’m so excited to have my first Moose buddy! The doctors say I’m doing great and if I keep it up I should be extubated by next weekend! I haven’t pooped in 24 hours so they had to give me a suppository. Mom said Dad is on full diaper duty today! She’s funny! Love you guys and am trying hard to bust out of here. I’ve decided I’ve had enough of this place… They’re nice and all but I’m over it!

Ps… Since I started writing this update I have been on my tummy and already filled up two diapers! I’m feeling sooo much better!!!


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