Party Time

20130701-215630.jpgHi heart family! I was having a party in my bed today and had so much fun playing with Mommy that I fell asleep right in the middle of our game! Hope you all had as much fun as I did today!


2 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. Well, Mighty Warrior, I think we took good care of your daddy at work today! Aunty Anne fed him red licorice ropes and we were all so happy to see him! Of course we would rather see that he’s with you and your Mommy but you seem to have things in control! Your dad showed us two videos of you and we were so excited to see you squirming around! Life is good. Take good care of your mom till your dad returns!!! Love you to bits!!! Carol

  2. So happy you had a good day yesterday! Loved our short time together.
    Keep getting stronger sweet boy and making Mommy smile while daddy is gone!! xoxo laura

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