Good Night… Sleep Tight

20130625-220433.jpgNight night heart family! Tomorrow I turn 6 weeks old and I have a very big day planned! I have to go see Dr. Stanley in the old hospital so he can put a new picc line in. Mine has gotten old and is giving the nurses some trouble. It gives me my meds but wont give them my blood. The people from the lab have been coming twice a day to stick me to get my blood and Mommy is getting really sad cuz’ I have lots of little bruises now. I also have to get another cat scan on my tummy and my lungs to make sure my neuroblastoma thingy hasn’t grown and isn’t causing any more trouble! Please pray for us as mommy and daddy always get nervous when I go on road trips. Sweet dreams friends! Xoxo


2 thoughts on “Good Night… Sleep Tight

  1. Good night, oh mighty WARRIOR!
    You are our sunshine, our only sunshine.
    You make us happy when skies are gray.
    You’ll never know, dear, how MUCH WE LOVE YOU!
    Please don’t take our sunshine away!
    So go on your little field trip and hurry back. We’re sad when you are gone! Heart Heart Heart!!!

  2. Stay strong precious, precious Vatter family…soon this “adventure” will just be a memory and you will be closer and stronger than ever!!! All my love and positive energy are sent to you each and every day!!!

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