Something’s Missing

20130624-181757.jpgHappy Monday Heart Family!

Something’s missing… Can you guess what it is??? Look closely… It’s my lil’ belly button! Mommy came in this morning and found me all sprawled out and it was missing! She says my belly is a lot cuter without that crusty thing.

I’ve become a little fickle… Somedays I love to be swaddled other days I like to let it all hang out. Now that I have everyone on the floor in love with me I’m starting to show them my true personality! I’m working on my breathing today and the doctors say I only have about a week more on the ventilator and then they’re going to take it away. Mommy and Daddy say that I have to work really hard so that I’m ready! Wish me luck! I’m gonna have to start my workouts again this week. Lets pray my X-ray looks better as well as my echo! I’m ready to show Mommy and Daddy my whole face without this silly tube!


2 thoughts on “Something’s Missing

  1. Hey little buddy! You don’t need that old ventilator anyway. It will be great to see your handsome face without that thing. We’re going to be traveling around for a few weeks but will still be watching to see how you are doing. We think of you every day and pray for you. And we think your Mommy is doing a great job in keeping us all up to date on your progress. Hugs and kisses to you, Mommy and Daddy.
    Mimi and Papa

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