Where’s Owen?

20130617-185806.jpgOur little man is feeling much better today! He was very gassy yesterday and hard to console. They tried a few meds for his tummy and by this morning he was back to our sweet happy baby! They started him back on the Enfaport yesterday and his X-ray looked a little better today. If it continues to get better it will be ruled as chylous effusion and he will avoid getting chest tubes. While I’d love to have him fed breast milk, I’d love for his lungs to clear up and to have him breathing on his own even more! I hope this formula does the trick. We had a meeting with oncology today and they are cautiously optimistic that the mass in Owen’s belly is Stage 1 and will regress without intervention. He will be very closely monitored and will have a CT and follow up urine next week. If it grows or the levels in his urine increase they will have to do intervention.

Thank you for riding this crazy ride with us. Please keep your prayers coming… They’re working!


2 thoughts on “Where’s Owen?

  1. sooooooooooooooo cute Owen, you are king of the jungle with all your protection surrounding you! Have a good day and keep on getting better and stronger…ROAR!!

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