FOUR Weeks

20130612-074534.jpgGood morning party people! I’m getting all growed up! They want to show me off around the hospital and make sure I have a fun 4 week birthday so I’m going for a MRI and a MIBG scan today! I have one of my favorite nurses and one of my favorite respiratory therapists today so mommy and daddy aren’t too worried! Even though they always act nervous when I get transported! If I didn’t have the tube in my mouth it would be a heck of a lot easier to tell them “I got this!”. These are hopefully the last scans I will need and then mommy and daddy can meet with ALL of my doctors and finally have an exit strategy! I can’t wait to meet my Puppy dog and check out the cool room they keep telling me about. Please pray for my transport today and the results. I love hearing all of your sweet messages and thank you for loving me! Hope you have a great day!


4 thoughts on “FOUR Weeks

  1. Much as we are glad you are getting the care you need in hospital, we can’t wait for you to be in your real home with Mom and Dad! Hurry up will ya!

  2. Owen, we are praying you have a good and successful journey today, but you know have a little fun too ……………flirt a little with the nurses !

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