Night Cap

20130611-200522.jpgOur lil’ peanut is causing quite a stir today in the CTICU. He had to have a blood transfusion this morning as his hematocrit levels dropped too low. His coloring is now much better and he seems to be a lot more comfortable! Unfortunately, his lungs are very hazy again as he has fluid in and around them now. His left and right lung have collapsed as well. We are back at the diurese stage. This means that they have increased his diuretic medication to help him pee and get rid of the extra fluid. This is very discouraging for us as this is the first time in Owen’s recovery that he has actually gone backwards. They are doing everything that they can to get him comfortable and strengthen his lungs. They gave him some Albuterol to help open his lungs and it seemed to really help! He is puffy again and doesn’t really look like our baby today. We are hoping that his swelling goes down soon.

We have received the results for his ultrasounds yesterday and the pyloric ultrasound is Negative! The abdomen ultrasound showed the mass has not grown AND the ventricles are still the same size!! So that is our BIG positive for the day!

The doctors moved up his MIBG scan and Owen will be going tomorrow instead of Thursday! Owen was given a contrast today for the scan. The MIBG scan is similar to the bone scan but takes 3D images. The scan looks for the presence of neuroblastoma tumors. Field trips always make us nervous and waiting for the results is even worse.

Please pray for his scan tomorrow and that his lungs improve. We appreciate you all riding this ride with us. Owen is sound asleep in dream land and we are hoping to join him soon.


3 thoughts on “Night Cap

  1. NO FEAR!!! He’s THE WARRIOR and Jesus the Doctor of ALL doctors!!! Our Little Big Man does not look afraid or worried in the least!!! He has the right attitude! Mr. Cool, Calm and COLLECTED!!!! What a testament he is to God’s love! N O F E A R….!!!!

  2. Amen! to that Carol. It is the fear that the adults hold that is so difficult to control. Congratulations! Your precious gift is beautiful…
    I am and will continue to pray.
    be Blessed.

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