Happy Saturday

20130608-102151.jpgHappy Saturday Heart Family! I really love giraffes just like my Auntie Shelley, so Mommy and Daddy made this cool mobile thingy over my bed!

I’m keeping my nurses very busy already this morning. They’re not sure what my deal is but I puke every time they move me. It’s really disgusting and now that I’m on formula it smells so bad! It makes me really tired too! The intubation tube really bugs me and I just want it out. Mommy and Daddy think I’ll be much happier. So, I’m gonna work really hard today with my respiratory therapist and show them I got this so I can be one day closer to home!

Hope that all my heart friends back at home don’t melt today from the heat, that my family on the east coast doesn’t get washed away from the rain and that all of my friends around the world have a fabulous day!


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