Another First

Another First Today! Mommy changed her first diaper and I didn’t throw a fit or pee on her! I’m breaking her in slowly.

I’ve been doing well but been a lot more awake so the ventilator tube is bugging me. I can’t wait for it to be out. The doctors are “keeping me comfortable” until the procedure on Thursday and THEN I’m getting this darn tube out! Pray I can handle it! Mommy and Daddy heard some news this morning and are a little nervous. They did an ultrasound on my head yesterday just to make sure that there isn’t any fluid on my brain. They are awaiting a visit from neuro. I’m such a ham I just want to make sure every doctor on every floor of the hospital gets to meet me before I go home! It’s gonna be another great day and if they hear anything they will let my heart family know!



2 thoughts on “Another First

  1. I just read Owen’s recent post to my nearly 93-year-old mother (who’s changed a diaper or two…). She said, “I swear it’s like that little guy talking!” She nearly keeled over when I read the part about “every doctor on every floor…”!!! I cracked up, too! What a gift this mighty warrior has been to us all!!! Grateful!!!

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