Big Blue Eyes

Woke up to hear rounds and make sure the doctors weren’t doing any funny business! I like everything they said. I’m doing great and headed for a little more weaning, a little more breathing on my own and a little less fluid. In other news they added formula to mommy’s milk and I’m gonna start getting chunky!


2 thoughts on “Big Blue Eyes

  1. Owen, what big and beautiful eyes. Keep fighting little one and know our prayers are with you everyday. Thank your Mommy for keeping us posted on your journey.

  2. Beautiful Beautiful baby boy! Your doing so great! Everyone’s so very proud of you 🙂 Praying Praying Praying! You are such a fighter. Thankyou for letting my little family be apart of your heart fam we love u guys even if we don’t know eachother in person! We are all God’s children & love to help with prayer ❤ God has you in his hands.

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