Big Spoon… Little Spoon!

20130524-104930.jpgBig spoon… Little spoon! Owen loves his giraffe sound machine. He’s having another great day! They had nothing but good things to say about him in rounds. He is still a little puffy so they are continuing to work on getting the fluid off. He and his nurse Anna had a big milestone today… He got the catheter out and then peed on her! It was the first time she’s been peed on in her 3 year career! Our favorite respiratory therapist, Aaron, is working towards getting him extubated. They call the process giving him “workouts” where they only give him pressure support for an hour and see how he does breathing on his own. He takes very little breaths and gets very tired. That is normal. He is currently in a deep sleep and getting ready for his next “work out” at 2pm. Hoping he’s extubated tomorrow so I can finally hold my baby!


3 thoughts on “Big Spoon… Little Spoon!

  1. Pee pee dance worked, poor nurse! Glad to hear the positive report today. Positive thoughts for continued improvement and for getting him in your arms. ❤

  2. This is the first time in my 60 years I find someone getting peed-on a true, tiny miracle! God sends blessings in his time and way.
    Patty of the Yore’s-next-door

  3. Owen is SO beautiful. He looks so peaceful! Just wait though, once he is breathing on is own, you not only get to hold him, but you also get to hear him. No more tubes blocking his vocal cords! You will never forget those first few squeeks, coos and cries…such a blessing to have these memories to tuck into our hearts.

    If you get a moment, I wanted to share a painting that reminds me how Christ is there to help our babies when we can’t. (Here is a link. This is Simon Dewey’s “In His Constant Care”.)


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