The Pee-Pee Dance

Happy One Week Birthday to our Lion Heart! He is celebrating today with some huge wins! He no longer has his studly headband (monitor that measures oxygen flow to the brain) on, the iv was taken out of his head, and they removed his chest tubes! His chest closure looks awesome and the doctors are all very proud of his progress. In fact one of the surgeons came by today to look at his chart and he said “pffff this baby is boring!” Way to go Owen!!!

He still has a lot of work to do to get off all of that excess fluid. The doctors are giving him some medication to help him with this. We are calling this phase in his recovery the “pee pee dance” – Trying to urinate more fluids than whats being taken in while maintaining blood pressure, balancing electrolytes and not over working the kidneys. Once he can reduce the fluids they will begin trying to remove the breathing tube and then Mommy can hold him!

We hope you are all having a great Wednesday! Thank you for all of your love and support!


2 thoughts on “The Pee-Pee Dance

  1. Great news! Bless you all. What a great fighter Owen is. Prayers and positive thoughts continue. Yay Owen.

  2. I think this little man may be playing some football after all…..SO LOOKS LIKE JEFF!!! I would do a pee pee dance of my own if i knew it would speed things along!!!!

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