A little note from Owen


Hi Heart Family!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I can’t believe how many friends I have praying for me all around the world! I’ve felt all of your prayers and they are encouraging me to Fight On!

The doctors visited me today and I heard them say that I’m “lovely, wonderful and an overachiever!” Yay for me! They are going to close my chest today and Mommy and Daddy are very nervous but I keep reminding them that I got this! I have so many warriors protecting me and God is guiding the surgeons and doctors hands!

I do not have a time scheduled for the surgery but they said it will be this afternoon. Mommy or daddy said they would update everyone!

Love you and hope you have a great Tuesday! I’m one week old tomorrow!

Xoxo Owen the ferocious Lion Heart


3 thoughts on “A little note from Owen

  1. Oh, my! A mini Jeff!!!! He is so adorable!!! Soldier on, Little Big Man! We will be rejoicing your successful closure upon completion!

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