Two Steps Forward


We’ve been with Owen since about 10 and the room has a huge weight lifted! Owen did well through the night and he is maintaining his blood pressure with the epi at .07. They gave him another platelet infusion and he’s showing positive improvement. He has not been passing urine so they started some medication to get his kidneys working. You think since he has 3 that would be the last of our concerns!!! Also he is off the pacemaker!!! If we could sum it up… Today is a day of breathing! Every dr was in the room with positive affirmation and theres a great energy in his room. We are exhausted from the last two day marathon and getting ready for the next climb. We let Owen know each one of you love him very very much!


5 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. Dear Vatter Family…SO good to hear. Still sending up prayers to those angels to keep hovering and blessing. Hope you get a quick nap to restore some energy. Hugs, –Anne

  2. Your little man is sure doing you proud. Rooting hard for team Vatter and sending love and prayers across the ocean. Aloha

  3. The “energy” is the Doctor of doctors! The great Lord God almighty giving Owen his strength! Owen is the child of a POWERFUL GOD!! This is just the BEST news i have had all day! Many blessings to the three of you!!! Such wonderful parents you already are!!! Carol

  4. How apt is the title “Lionheart” for the little one; courage is a trait that seems to be inherited…. 🙂

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