The Heart Dance


We are nearly 36 hours post op and Owen continues to fight. The doctors prepared us for a 24-hour roller coaster and unfortunately the ride hasn’t quite stopped yet. Finding the perfect balance between his respiratory and circulatory systems has proven to be challenging. We believe in our hearts that Owen will win this battle and be home in our arms very soon. Our sweet boy is the epitome of strength and courage and we pray that his little over worked heart continues to show the world that it is the original “little engine that could”. Please continue to keep our Lion Heart in your thoughts and prayers and know that he loves you all as much as you love him. Lastly. we had to share a HUGE win for today – Owen got his FIRST kiss from Mommy! Good night heart family!


3 thoughts on “The Heart Dance

  1. Surely you know that Mommy’s kiss always takes care of everything! NO FEAR!!! Only faith and patience are required! Believe it! YAY OWEN!!!

  2. Our prayers continue. I know your hearts ache for little Owen to be going through this, and ours ache for all you are going through. There are lots of prayers for you and the belief that prayers have power. Godspeed.

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