Meet Owen Thomas Vatter


Meet our Lil’ Lion heart! Owen is our greatest creation and at 8:30 this morning we will be handing him over to Dr. Starnes for a life saving heart surgery. We have immense faith in the team and know our little lion heart is going to do great! The surgery is about 4 hours long and the next 24 hours are the most crucial.

We ask that you join us in prayer at 8:30am today and throughout the day. We ask for prayers for the doctors and nursing staff, we ask for strength and peace for Mommy and Daddy, most of all we ask that angels come and surround Owen and give him the mighty power to endure the surgery, heal and that he will be in our arms before we know it! Thank you heart family! We love you!


One thought on “Meet Owen Thomas Vatter

  1. Stay strong , have faith and know Bob and my hearts are with you-all.

    Owen is beautiful and looks like a determined and strong boy……….congrats Patty and Bob

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